Understanding The Advantages Of Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks

Understanding The Advantages Of Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks

Understanding The Advantages Of Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks

Modern life can only exist with wireless networks, yet maintaining them may be difficult. For enterprises of all sizes, cloud-managed WLAN offers several benefits, including controlling your network from any location at any time. It is perfect for businesses that wish to avoid the drawbacks of letting staff (or no one at all) manage their wireless networks.

Any number of locations may be managed more simply:

The use of cloud-managed WLAN systems has several advantages. You don’t need to handle licenses, renewals, or software maintenance, nor do you need to install software on devices, download updates, or manage software updates.

Reduces the workload for IT staff:

Stop requiring IT employees to spend time administering and monitoring wireless networks. Utilizing a managed service provider with experience in controlling your wireless infrastructure is possible with cloud-managed WLAN solutions.

Security is upheld:

There are numerous advantages of cloud-managed wireless network solutions over conventional standalone WLAN equipment. One way your wireless network’s security is preserved is by using cloud-managed wireless network solutions, which a third party controls. Your cloud-managed solution will be managed and maintained by a third party, so if you experience any issues, they will be resolved.

You don’t have to worry about keeping an Internet connection or having someone watch over your cloud-managed system round-the-clock. Other staff members will have more time to concentrate on their job due to not dealing with office-related technological difficulties like updating networks or fixing faulty devices.

It’s Easy To Set Up And Maintain Guest Access:

  • Guest accounts may be added, edited, and deleted from the online portal or a mobile device.
  • You can limit visitors’ access to the network and place time limits on where they can stay in your building.
  • With the use of a guest portal, visitors may instantly connect to your Wi-Fi network without having to input their passwords.

The Scalable Solution Maintains Growth Pace:

The wireless network handled by the cloud is scalable, allowing you to expand it to meet your demands. You can rapidly boost capacity and add more access points wherever needed. The solution offers an affordable approach to growing your network as necessary without going bankrupt.

Both the network and the budget are manageable:

Its main advantage is cloud-managed wireless networks’ ability to save expenses for IT personnel and equipment. The old method of operating wireless networks has already been found by many small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to be labor-intensive, costly, and time-consuming.

Cloud-managed solutions offer a complete range of tools that can be used remotely and anytime to free up resources. All sizes of businesses may profit from cloud-managed solutions. They are manageable, affordable, and scalable. This remedy offers the following notable advantages:

  • Decreased network management expenses
  • Reduced expenses for IT personnel and hardware


The advantages of a cloud-managed system are too significant for many businesses to pay attention to. By utilizing this technology, companies may increase productivity and address more than simply networking difficulties. Thanks to these technologies, IT personnel won’t have to spend time resolving hardware or software issues on individual devices, which makes it simple to administer a complete network from a single location.

Additionally, they provide security safeguards to protect private information from strangers and even staff members who could try to steal from their own business! As your organization expands over time and becomes more significant, WLAN solutions can be upgraded less frequently (as long as enough wireless devices are connected).


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