What is Atlas Earth Scam? Is the Atlas Earth app a scam?

What is Atlas Earth Scam? Is the Atlas Earth app a scam?

What is Atlas Earth Scam? Is the Atlas Earth app a scam?

There are several online games where you can win real money. If you’re familiar with such games, you must have Atlas Earth has been discovered.

Atlas Earth advertises itself as a program that allows you to buy virtual real estate and earn money. As a result, you may wonder whether Atlas Earth is legitimate or a scam.

This article will explain Atlas Earth, how it works, and whether or not it is a scam.

What exactly is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth is one of the few mobile games that allow you to purchase virtual real estate. Atlas Earth is also a digital simulation of the world in the metaverse.

The game will ask you to enable location sharing as soon as you install the app, allowing the game to see where you’re coming from and show you who has the highest rank in your area. – There are currently three ranks:

Atlas Earth allows you to buy 900 square-foot plots of land at a time. As you acquire more land, your ranking rises.

You can run for president, governor, or even mayor. Atlas Earth follows you around so that you can find new land plots and determine whether someone nearby owns properties while walking around in real life.

What Are the Characteristics of Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth has the following characteristics:

Players can purchase up to 900 square feet of real estate, depending on the real world.

Atlas Earth offers an exciting and enjoyable way to make money by purchasing and holding plots of land for extended periods.

As you progress through the game, there are several ways to earn free parcels.

Profits from holdings in real U.S. dollars can be withdrawn through PayPal.

You can use the rent to buy more Atlas Earth land and expand your virtual estate.

You can earn free Atlas Bucks by shopping at Atlas Earth’s retail partners in person.

After collecting 250,000 parcels, players will receive a free badge.

The Atlas Earth app is available for free download and installation on iOS and Android platforms.


Atlas Earth makes money by selling land parcels to users like you. A single piece of land costs $5 and can be purchased with Atlas Bucks, an in-game currency – 100 Atlas Bucks will only buy one piece of land, and the more A.B. you purchase, the cheaper they become – similar to how most pricing packages work.


As previously stated, Atlas Earth has developed a one-of-a-kind cash-back system that rewards you with a portion of their advertising revenue through rent per second.

Instead of ungenerously pocketing profits, Atlas Earth sets aside a portion of its revenue when people watch ads and spend money within the game.

If you only get $0.0000000011 from one parcel per second, you’ll earn $0.00000066 per minute = $0.00000396 per hour.

If you invest $100, as I did, you can buy 25 parcels.

$0.00000396 per hour multiplied by 25 parcels equals $0.000099 per hour.

$0.000099 per hour multiplied by 24 hours equals $0.002376 per day.

1 BOOST = your current earnings + 1500%

$0.002376 x %1500 = $0.03564

With 1 BOOST and 25 parcels, you only get $0.03564 per day.

$0.03564 multiplied by 4 BOOSTS per day equals $0.133056 per day.

Thirteen cents multiplied by 100 days equals $13.

From 25 parcels, 13 cents x 356 days = $47.45 per year.

Please remember that this is the lowest guaranteed return you will receive in a year if you invest $100 and boost it at least four times daily. Some rare, legendary parcels cost and pay more than others, so it all comes down to how good you are at finding the best properties.


Atlas Earth is not a scam; it is a legitimate mobile-first gaming experience that allows you to purchase real-world’ virtual land on the actual planet for rent.

However, even though it is legitimate, I would not rush into things if I were you.

People are naturally skeptical of metaverse real estate investing because it surprised us. The real question is whether it will appreciate over time or flop like many other promising trends.

Atlas Earth isn’t without potential. It’s just that the app is still in its early stages, and there are many things they can improve on.

There’s a 50/50 chance that this will skyrocket, so you’re always better off testing things first and focusing on long-term rather than short-term goals.

I wouldn’t get too excited just yet because virtual real estates, like Bitcoin and many other trends, is still in the early stages.

In conclusion

Atlas Earth is a game app that allows players to purchase virtual properties and earn virtual rent, which they can cash out. You may be wondering if Atlas Earth is legitimate or a scam.

That question has been answered in this article. As a result, Atlas Earth is not a scam; it is genuine.

Atlas Earth is not a scam, but it is not for those looking for quick money. However, if you’re looking for a fun game to help you navigate the metaverse, this is your best bet!

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