How Analytics Improve Business


Data Analytics

The analytics is a systematic computer analysis of your data. To better record your online activities, it is now necessary to conduct a digital analysis.

With rapid digitization, it is imperative to analyze and evaluate the performance of your online business. critical to invest time in analyzing analyzes.

Website Analytics gives you accurate reports and details on age, gender, location, traffic source (how the user landed on your website), top performing website / least efficient, etc.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get your business published online using free solutions like Google My Business (GMB). It helps you create a simple business site by giving a brief overview of your business. It provides necessary information about user visits and the number of searches your company performed in a given period.

Contrast, if you want to know the in-depth analysis of your website’s performance, all user activity, and the conversion/success you get with it, Digital Analytics can help you get this information.


Number of visits to your website

A website visitor is someone who views your website. To keep an eye upon website traffic and the number of visitors to your website to understand first-time visitors versus frequent visitors.

Demographics of your audience

Age, gender, and geography are some of the most common characteristics that will help you target the right audience with the right products and services.

How the visitor got to your website

The analysis provides crucial information to businesses by showing how a visitor got to your website. Through a search engine (organic or paid), social media, email (advertising), or word of mouth (direct). And very useful in inferring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts (campaign, optimization for search engines, social media, etc.).

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Visitor meeting

Visitor meeting is an estimate of the depth of visitor interaction on the website. They spend time exploring products, sharing pages, adding comments, subscribing to your pages, adding products to their wish list, etc.

The analysis of this data cause and effect makes it possible to optimize the user experience and engagement.

Mapping the customer journey

Recommendation: You set up goals and funnels to track the customer journey from start to conversion. You can track form submissions, account creation, button clicks, eBook downloads, and more.

How does my sale work?

Through personalized reports and dashboards, we can present sales data efficiently and interactively. We can track revenue by collecting transaction details and can be viewed in words.

How are my marketing costs?

With quick scanning, marketers can estimate the total amount spent on an ad campaign and the revenue that will generate to assess campaign performance.


Page visits and exit rate

On your website, the exit rate is the percentage of your visitors who left your website from that page. Analytics makes it easy to know which pages have been viewed by the target audience and which pages have been rejected by the user.

As mentioned above, Analytics provides a lot of data to collect, measure, analyze, and visualize your website performance. Digital tools and analytics are a powerful way to accelerate and grow your business. We have in-house certified digital analytics experts who can help you with your analytics needs to improve your business performance.